Pre-Active Advice

At Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd we specialise in advising Solicitors across the UK / Scotland and Wales in matters which relate to dog restraint /containment / removal and Kenneling both pre-emptively and during the instruction itself. With a dedicated team working around the clock, Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd will advise Solicitors, Paralegals and Legal Executives on all matters which relate to the logistical and practical issues involving dog removal when dealing with repossession of properties both residential and commercial. This includes for example:

  • A dynamic risk assessment of the dangers posed to both the handlers and workforce involved and the wider public
  • A full appraisal of the range of issues that may arise during the instruction itself and the tactical advice to mitigate any risks
  • Pre-emptive liaison with one of our approved panel of kennels to ensure a safe & seamless strategy from animal removal to kenneling
  • Advice on fee structures for dog kenneling

Dog Handlers for Solicitors

Once the risks have been identified and incorporated into the pre-emptive planning exercise, Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd will deploy the requisite number of dog handlers to an instruction ensuring that personal safety and communication forms the cornerstones to effective service delivery.

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