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Nationwide Dog Handlers Ltd are eviction and repossession specialists providing assistance to a variety of organisations and Private Landlords across London and the UK. With experienced and certified dog handlers, NDH assists Housing Associations, Warrant Officers, Gas, Electric and Water Utility Companies, Bailiffs, Locksmiths, Banks & Building Societies, Chartered Surveyors, Repossession Agencies, Property Management Services, Estate Agents, Landlord Agents, Solicitors acting on behalf of landlords and Private Individuals.

Ensuring compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and working carefully and safely to remove dogs and other household pets, NDH provides its services throughout all Boroughs of Greater London and surrounding areas, including Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, West Berkshire, Hampshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey.

Each home repossession and eviction is carefully planned to ensure that any animals that may pose a risk are properly handled, photographed where appropriate and transported safely to an approved Kennel, Cattery or other Animal Sanctuary. Immersed in years of experience in the safe restraint and removal of dogs, cats, reptiles and fish throughout the London areas, NDH provides a dedicated and professional service and works with all its clients to ensure the highest possible standards of service delivery are met.

Services available in Greater London:

  • High visibility dog handling / security patrols throughout London
  • Drugs detection dogs in both passive and pro-active settings to identify / locate illegal substances
  • 24 hour guarding of high value assets such as high value properties / places and valuable commodities such a plant machinery and raw materials
  • Containing dogs in residential / commercial settings to enable engineers / London bailiffs / locksmiths to gain entry or secure premises
  • Crowd control for Special Events / Festivals / Gala's
  • Guarding / protecting London car showrooms

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